Thursday, November 11, 2010

ProjectOrooM - 12th November

In collaboration with Festival Miden - Greece
*videos selected by MARIA BOURIKA - she is a collaborator of Festival Miden since 2006, and curated the supernatural theme for Festival Miden 2010


Festival Miden is an initiative action, taken in order to promote and develop alternative and free expression at times where visual arts and media play a more and more dominant role.

The main axes of Festival Miden is Video Art which is presented not just as a different mean of expression for many pioneer visual artists but also as an easy and effective tool for public creativity. A potential that derives mainly from the free use of modern visual media, which offer an easy access to everyone.
Through a variety of activities and events, Festival Miden hopes to become the pole and the foundation of a new artistic extroversion that will be inspired by the critical observation of everyday life focusing on the role of the individual as the centre of life itself.
The main objective of this initiative action is the stimulation of the community to freely develop its artistic dimension independently, away from any type of intervention.

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